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Oil Type Transformer

Oil Type Transformer

It is essential to remember that several kinds of transformers, like air-core transformers, isolation transformers, oil type transformers, etc., play an integral role in every industry. However, Oil Type Transformers are mostly used in electrical substations and power distribution. Windings and magnetic circuits of an oil-type transformer are immersed in oil which effectively insulates and cools the instrument, delivering optimal equipment performance in several applications used in distribution networks, small-scale industries, and renewable energy generation.

Our professionals at Schneider Electric India have devised highly reliable Oil Type Distribution Transformers that offer a cost-efficient solution for your network. From managing a rural network to enhancing your energy efficiency, at Schneider Electric, we carry adequate knowledge and expertise to configure effective solutions for all applications associated with distribution transformers. Pole mounted, ground-mounted, or high-performance oil-type transformers all are a part of our comprehensive range.

The body of the oil-type transformer is mounted in a welded steel oil tank filled with insulating oil, unlike the dry-type transformer. When an oil-type transformer is in use, the heat generated by the coil and iron core is first transferred to the insulating oil, then to the cooling medium. It may be classified into two types based on capacity: an immersed natural cooling transformer and an immersed forced air-cooling transformer. The structure of an oil-type transformer is similar to that of a regular transformer. It’s a kind of transformer categorized by its core insulation. As a result, it features the distinguishing characteristic of oil-immersed coils to reduce the gadgets’ heat map. The magnetic core, windings, and bushings are the essential components of an oil-immersed magnet.